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The Care Catalog is an online, crowdfunding campaign to support nonprofit work in and around the communities of Westmoreland, St. George, Onaga, and St. Marys during the holiday season. This annual campaign is meant to connect donors to nonprofits who are looking for end-of-year funding to reach their project or program goals in the following areas: Basic Human Needs, Community, Education and Sports, Healthcare and Senior Citizens.

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St. George Elementary After-School Program for Families in Need

I am writing to request $1600 in funds to be used to support two families in significant need of access to our after-school program.  St. George Elementary utilizes an after-school program through Cool Care Club of Manhattan.  The program takes place in our yellow wing lobby from 3:30-5:30pm, Monday-Friday.  The regular cost of the program is $45 per week.  The coordinator, Chris Payne, has graciously offered a discounted rate of $25 per week for families in need.  

Two families in particular stand out.  Both have single dads with a single child in our school system.  Both have jobs and are working hard to support their family.  However, the challenges of working jobs in Manhattan lead to childcare challenges after school.  Sometimes these children are at school until 4:30pm or later with school staff until a parent can arrive.  Having access to the after-school program would alleviate stress on the dads, strain on school support staff, and provide a loving, nurturing environment for the kids to go to after school each day. Visit our website here.

Requested: $1,600
Funded: $

Caring Closet for Students at USD 322

I would like to paint a picture for you…as an educator, we see students every day that walk the hallways with the soles of their shoes flapping as they walk or maybe they come to their teacher and say their feet are hurting because their shoes are too small or they didn’t have any clean socks to wear with their shoes today. We work with students that may come to school in clothing that smells or is visibly soiled. This is unpleasant and embarrassing for both the child and the children around them. We keep a whole closet full of clothes stocked in all sizes to allow the child to put fresh clothes on. We don’t ask for them back. I could write you a book on the basic items that many of us take for granted that some kids go without, or have to manage with and it would break your heart. Instead, I ask for your help….Funded through the generosity of our community and people like you, I have been running the Caring Closet for three years now. Through this, I have been able to provide kids and families with everything from new shoes, shoes for sports, clothes, winter clothes, head lice treatment kits, many classroom supplies, headphones, backpacks, laundry soap, shampoo and conditioner, along with countless other items that people use in their everyday lives that sometimes have to take the backseat in order for parents to get the bills paid. We have helped kids with glasses and other similar necessities like eye appointments, as well.  There are no salary or administrative fees involved with the Caring Closet which allows ALL of the funds donated to go directly to the purchase of items for the kids. Thank you so much for considering helping the USD 322 Caring Closet to continue to help meet the needs of our Preschool through 12th grade student population. I am so excited to see what kind of wonderful additions we can add to the program with the help of all of you! Visit our website here.

Requested: $10,000
Funded: $0

Rock Creek High School – Nutrition for After School Tutoring

Hello, I am writing to request money to fund snacks and drinks to fill in the hunger gap for our high school students who participate in after school tutoring. The academic resources available at tutoring are often unavailable in the student’s home.  First lunch at our school starts at 11:05. Tutoring runs until 5:30. I feel this is a long period of time for our students to go without nourishment.  Studies have shown that students are better able to learn when they are not focusing on their hunger. Some of our students have parents who work non-traditional hours and the nutrition provided at after school tutoring would be a beneficial contribution to their healthy growth and development. Care will be taken to provide healthy snacks and drinks. The funding would cover a full year of this project. 

Thank you for your consideration!

Requested: $1,000
Funded: $200

St. Marys Avenue of Flags

The St. Marys VFW Post # 7796 is transitioning the Avenue of Flags to the Knights of Columbus # 657.  In reality, the Avenue of Flags is a community event as it takes lots of help to setup on Saturday morning of Memorial Day weekend and then pick everything up on Monday evening.  The Avenue of Flags has flags lining the two public cemeteries in St. Marys.  This creates a most beautiful sight to see, all the flags flying in the spring breeze.  Many favorable compliments are received from the St. Marys residents as well as from visitors.  New poles are added each year as additional veterans want their flag to be flown.   The constant wear and tear creates an annual need for replacement flags as well as additional new poles.  We need money to purchase new poles and to keep the existing flags in good repair.  There are currently 209 total flags displayed.  We are requesting $ 1,525 which should provide us with 5 new poles and 15 replacement flags.  God Bless America.

Requested: $1,525
Funded: $20

Wheaton Independence Day Celebration

The Wheaton Independence Day Celebration is an annual family-friendly event held the first Saturday after July 4. This event started as a parade, potluck meal, and fireworks at dusk nearly 15 years ago, and to this day is funded solely by donations solicited by committee members and fundraising efforts by the committee. Funds are used to provide supplies and food for the meal, purchase the fireworks, and pay for the fireworks to be lighted. Due to COVID-19, donations in the previous two years have been down significantly from the prior years, making future years less of a certainty for this small community’s celebration. Additional donations would allow the WIDC to not only continue to exist, but to expand to include more attractions: a car show, bouncy houses, softball and/or kickball tournaments, cornhole tournaments, and more. Your donation could help keep this small-town Independence Day Celebration alive and flourishing!

Requested: $10,000
Funded: $100

St. Marys Historical Society – Refreshing the Barn

We are requesting funding to have our barn building re-stained and re-sealed.  The museum barn has been a centerpiece of the museum grounds since 1989.  The building is filled with a variety of historical items and is much more than “just a barn”. This beautiful building has become the setting for many wedding and family pictures. 

The building is constructed from limestone and sandstone from two stone houses which were torn down to be used in the building. One of the houses belonged to Abe Short and was in the Belvue area…the other was from a family north of Rossville. The flooring for the building came from Santa Fe railroad boxcars. 

The wood siding on the barn is of natural color and must be cleaned and resealed periodically. This has needed to be done for a while, but we have had to put the project on hold. The bid from the company we have used in the past has come in at $4380.

To help maintain and preserve this building, we would like to have the project of refreshing and re-sealing our barn to be considered in the Care Catalog. Funding for this will allow us to maintain this beautiful building as well as to complete other important projects as we work to preserve and share the history of St. Marys, Kansas. Visit our website here.

Requested: $4,380
Funded: $1,060

Onaga Highway Monument Sign

It’s possible to drive right past Onaga on Highway 16 as there is really no signage to direct an individual to our community. We want to change that!  The Onaga Revitalization Committee is seeking funds to place a “Welcome to Onaga” monument sign on highway 16. The monument sign is the final piece of a comprehensive plan to update and replace Onaga’s wayfinding and signage. In 2018 the committee raised $28,900 through grants and donations from 8 area businesses and in September of that year the community signage project was completed. Just recently, the City of Onaga received approval from KDOT for the monument sign to be placed on the south side of Highway 16 across from Onaga Road south. With engineering costs and installation, our committee needs to raise another $7,000. Can you help?

Requested: $7,000
Funded: $90

St. Mary’s World War I Memorial Arch

The Memorial Arch for World War I was dedicated in 1923 and has been a landmark in St. Marys, Pottawatomie County for almost 100 years.  St. Mary’s College has begun the project of restoring and making the Arch more accessible to the public.  Funds previously raised are now held by the Caring Community Foundation.  The entire Arch will be completely rebuilt according to its original design. Your contributions will help restore and preserve our great local history!

Requested: $10,000
Funded: $100

Jayhawkers 4H, St. Marys Club Curriculum

Research shows that kids who participate in 4H are four times more likely to give back to communities, two times more likely to make healthier choices, and two times more likely to participate in STEM activities.  4H empowers young people to be true leaders, endure challenges, and stick with jobs until they are completed.  Programs used in 4H provide guidance, tools and encouragement.  The kids “take the wheel” and drive the learning that takes place.  

In order to provide ample learning to our youth, we are in need of curriculum and supplies.  We are asking for donations to purchase the learning modules and supplies needed to complete the experimental projects.  These will range from STEM, science, leadership, civics, animals, foods and nutrition, to so much more.  The curriculums will go into our club’s supplies and materials for our youth and adult volunteers to use not only this year, but for years to come.  

Donations to this will build our youth to become strong community leaders, therefore, results will affect and impact our community for many years to come.

Requested: $1,000
Funded: $25

Climate Control in the Founders Hall

“Museum heroes are needed!” The furnace has given out in the Founders Hall, the only building at the Onaga Historical Museum with heat in it for the winter.  Due to a crack in the manifold, the furnace is no longer functional and must be replaced.  Given it was installed in 1989, making it 32 years old, it has held up well over time.  With winter right around the corner, the furnace may be needed rather soon.  Donations will be used to purchase and install a new heating system in the Founders Hall, remove the old furnace, and repair the holes in the walls left from removing the old furnace.

The need is great!  Many of the photos, paintings, and fiber-based artifacts are moved into the Founders Hall for the winter to protect them from temperature changes in the other buildings. Temperature changes can be very destructive to fiber-based artifacts such as clothing items, quilts, photos, paper-based items, etc.  

This furnace expense comes in the midst of the Onaga Historical Society’s fund raising for another Exhibit Hall, making it difficult for the Society to ask members and donors for more money right now to support this unexpected expense at the Museum.  Therefore, any person who donates to this expense of replacing the furnace will be a true “museum hero”!

Requested: $3,400
Funded: $415

Rock Creek Valley Historical Society – Stone Church Restoration

Established in 1871, the German Evangelical Church met in a home until this stone structure was built in 1887 from locally quarried stone.  The 135-year-old church is the only building in Westmoreland in nearly its original state, inside and out.   It was gifted to the Rock Creek Valley Historical Society in 1978 and it became the first of what now is a six-building museum complex.  Almost nothing has been done to restore the building since that time.  In 2018 it was listed on the State and National Historic Registries and fundraising has been ongoing to restore it to its original condition.  The 1887 single-paned windows are currently being refurbished.  Money will be needed to repoint the masonry of the exterior structure, re-shingle with insulation, add new wiring and HVAC and restore wood floors, tin ceiling and horsehair-plastered walls.  At this time, we need to raise an additional $80,000 – $100,000.  When completed, the building will house collections from the five churches in existence in Westmoreland in 1890. Visit our website here.

Requested: $10,000
Funded: $

Caring Community Foundation – Community Fund: For Good, Forever!

The Caring Community Foundation (CCF) helps keep resources in our communities and helps put resources to work in our communities. We are currently stewards of investments for 30 non-profit organizations and causes. In five years, we’ve grown those investments from zero to $2 million. We provide an annual community grant cycle, many scholarships, and help respond to unforeseen community needs, including Covid impacts to our local communities.  The CCF has grown philanthropy at Community HealthCare System, assisting patients and facilitating the care they need. We have initiated an endowment for Rock Creek Schools which augments classroom projects and provides teacher support. We have provided grants to Havensville Living History Day, local historical society projects, signage in Onaga, landscaping at St. Mary’s Academy and College, helped initiate the Dolly Parton Imagination Library in Westmoreland and even helped bring the zoo to school!  We ask for your help in building our community fund, which will exist into perpetuity, providing support for community needs and fundamental operating costs of the Caring Community Foundation. We are recognized by the IRS as a 501(c) (3) public charity. There are many ways to give economically and for the most tax benefit. Are you interested in knowing more? We are here to help you find ways to make your charitable desires a reality. Visit our website here.

Requested: $10,000
Funded: $360

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library Endowment for Westmoreland

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library (DPIL) is a partnership with local communities to provide free, age-appropriate books to all children ages birth to five years.

Improving early childhood literacy creates opportunities for children to thrive and succeed in school and help their communities grow and prosper. The Imagination Library helps supply books to families, regardless of income and background.

Westmoreland has a DPIL program, established through the Caring Community Foundation by the commitment of local donors. The Dollywood Foundation supports the program by providing the structure and book selection, procurement and fulfillment processes. Local funders and partners cover the at-cost book and mailing expenses and local promotional costs for children registered in the coverage area (zip code 66549).

We mail books to all children monthly, so expenses are ongoing and donations are continually needed. We want to build an endowed fund to provide a sustainable funding model to be able to support early childhood literacy in Westmoreland, now and into the future. $10,000 will establish an endowment to accomplish this!

Visit our website here.

Requested: $10,000
Funded: $275

Onaga Elementary Expansion of Non-fiction Literacy

At USD 322 Elementary, we have a great need in our classroom to obtain more engaging non-fiction books for our young readers. If we were to be granted this gift, we would utilize it to purchase a wide array of non-fiction books that will challenge our readers and help our readers learn to love reading an array of genres. 

An example of a series of books we would get is a wonderful non-fiction series that pairs with a fiction series: The Magic Tree House. In this case, our students would read the fiction version of the Magic Tree House and then turn around and dive into the Fact Finding mission utilizing the non-fiction version of the book. The students would then work to compare what parts of the story were real and what parts were imagined. This would be an engaging activity for students to work on to challenge themselves to look at literature in a deeper way. 

Thank you for you for your consideration of our mission to obtain non-fiction literature to enhance and broaden our students’ love for reading! Visit our website here.

Requested: $1,000
Funded: $60

USD 322 Onaga Jr. High Football Equipment

The Onaga Junior High football team is in need of equipment to help bring it up to speed when it comes to practice, film study, and game preparation.  With the use of Hudl by nearly all high school and junior high programs in the country, filming games has become more important than ever.  The school provides iPads to be used for such filming which work great with the Hudl app, but struggle to film clearly in outdoor conditions, especially at night.  While the high school team has a filmer who has their own camera, the junior high does not.  Seeing films from other junior high teams, ours is far behind the times and is in need of an actual camera to film games.

Also, the junior high is in need of two “wheel” tackling dummies.  These are the modern-day tackling dummies that teams today use because they can simulate a moving target, rather than an immobile target.  From the professional level all the way down to youth football, these are what are used in all tackling drills to help teach kids the proper way to tackle and the SAFE way to tackle to prevent injuries.

The Onaga Football Alumni is willing to help support this cause and make up any needed funds to make these purchases for the program, which total $900.

Requested: $900
Funded: $0

Rock Creek Middle School Clubs

Here at Rock Creek Middle School, we try to provide students with meaningful social interactions and opportunities to try new activities or hobbies. This is the first year we have had club time, and it has already made a positive impact. Students who don’t normally see each other during the school day are interacting with one another in fun and engaging activities. If we are provided with funds, they would go into the Rock Creek Clubs Committee account and be used to purchase club materials every year. For example, our Sewing and Knitting Club, Art Club, Crafts Club, Green Club and Sunshine Club all use consumable items (art materials, craft materials, trash bags, and cards) that could be restocked at the beginning of each school year. The children of this community will be the ones who directly benefit from any and all funding received!

Requested: $5,000
Funded: $125

Rock Creek Metals Class

Using our school’s 3d filament printers, the Metals class at Rock Creek High would like to get ceramic shell material for castings.  This would allow us to cast larger items in a more cost-efficient way.  The ceramic shell is a dipping process into the suspension that allows all the nooks and crannies to get covered thus leaving a more highly detailed mold.  The filament after being ceramic dipped will then be burned out very much like our lost wax technique, then the empty ceramic shell will be filled with liquid metal.  This process will be used to build larger projects by slicing the object in a program making a small section with the 3d printer, then cast in metal and then TIG weld the smaller part to form a larger project.  This encompasses multiple fields of technology and industry.  My over-all goal is to create a large horse sculpture created and designed by the students of Rock Creek.

Requested: $700
Funded: $550

Rock Creek Trap Team

Clay Target Shooting is the fastest growing high school sport, both in Kansas and across the United States.  In addition to its popularity, it is also the safest. The focus and primary goal of the sport are safety, fun, and marksmanship training, in that order.  The Rock Creek Trap Team is kicking off its 4th season in the High School Clay Target League. The Trap Team has a Fall and Spring season with over 30 students each season ranging from 7th to 12th grade.  We are excited with the continued and growing interest in trap this season, especially from the younger students.  We have 17 middle school students and many of them are first time shooters. The RCTT is identified as a club through the activities department at the school.  Being a club means it does not receive any school funding, but is allowed to follow school eligibility protocols and use the name of the school and our Mustang mascot.  Therefore, we are self-funded, relying on donations, fund raisers, and personal contributions. Funds raised through this opportunity with the Caring Community Foundation, will be used to help send our team to State and National competitions. At the end of each Spring Season our competitors have an opportunity to participate in both State and National competitions.  Anyone on the team can go to State, but a student must qualify to attend Nationals.  State is held annually in Wichita and costs $100 per student for entry fees and ammunition.  The National High School Clay Target Tournament is held annually in Michigan.  Students will compete against schools from across the country in both team and individual events.  Registration fees and ammunition for the National competition are $300.  Rock Creek finished 13th in the team competition at Nationals this summer, and had a student place 5th out of over 1600 participants.  In addition to fees for both events there are travel expenses, as well.  We have some students who qualified for nationals that were not able to participate due to financial constraints.  Covering the costs associated with registration and ammunition would greatly reduce the financial strain on the family in getting their child to the national tournament.  We are very proud of the team and family atmosphere we have established, and we hope to continue to grow the team; helping the students learn firearm safety, improve their marksmanship, and above all, have fun. Visit our website here.

Requested: $5,500
Funded: $70

USD 321 St. Marys Grade School – Classroom and Playground Funding

We would appreciate any help that you could provide our amazing school, St. Marys Grade School.  This is my 9th year at SMGS and each year we have had tremendous support with our fundraising efforts.  With the pandemic, the last two years we have not been able to hold our biggest fundraisers, or have had to scale them back tremendously to keep our school families safe.  Because of this, our Booster Club is very limited on what they can help fund for many things that improve not only student learning but the atmosphere of excitement with our students and teachers.  

First, we would love to have help in funding many classroom needs of supplies such as flexible seating, project-based learning supplies, family engagement activities, and recess equipment. We all have seen the benefits of hands-on learning with project-based studies, and getting involvement from the community and families.  

Another project SMGS has started is upgrading our playground with new equipment.  We have started purchasing one piece of climbing equipment but would love to add more to it.  With the number of students we get to have, we want them to be able to spread out and enjoy socializing with their classmates.  This could include more pieces such as essential ADA equipment so that ALL of our students are able to interact and socialize with each other during recess. Items such as large picnic tables, or even shade/wind blocks for those extremely hot or bitterly cold days are also a need.  

SMGS Staff would like to help our students attend hands-on field trips that follow their grade-level standards but not burdening the parents with the cost of these trips.  A lot of our students don’t get to have experiences outside of St. Marys and this is one way we can help expand their knowledge of what we can learn from our beautiful state.  

These are just a few of the ways that the St. Marys Grade School Family could benefit from your help. So many students and teachers would be greatly appreciative of your support. Visit our website here.

Requested: $10,000
Funded: $20

Westmoreland Elementary School – WOLF Project Seating

Westmoreland Elementary has recently added an outdoor learning area called the WOLF project. (WES Outdoor Learning Facility). The local PTO has graciously donated labor and materials to provide fencing, a stage, a pergola and etc., but we still need to add some outdoor permanent seating areas. We would love some low to the ground outdoor seating/deck areas for classes to gather on and sit and read or learn lessons, practice songs, etc. We’d love some low to the ground wood seating around the big tree and along the rocks, bushes, etc. We could keep the center area open for chairs if needed, but along the natural areas, deck areas would be so useful. If a contribution could be made towards our outdoor seating, that would be wonderful! Thank you for your consideration. Visit our website here.

Requested: $4,000
Funded: $50

Building the St. Mary’s Academy Teachers’ Fund

Your gift will build the permanent endowment for the St. Mary’s Academy Teacher’s Fund.  Because the Academy receives no government aid and has to rely on tuition payments from families, most of whom are of modest means, it is hard to provide good salaries for our teachers.  The St. Mary’s Academy Teacher’s Fund was established to help provide better salaries to our hard working teachers. Visit our website here.

Requested: $10,000
Funded: $0

CHCS Westmoreland Clinic – tympanometer to help identify ear infections in children

The overuse of antibiotics is a very real issue in healthcare leading to the proliferation of drug resistant organisms which are harder and more costly to treat. The ability to simply and efficiently differentiate between a bacterial and viral infection is critical. A Tympanometer, which is used in the office setting, assists the physician in assessing the tympanic membrane’s (ear drum) mobility and condition of the middle ear. This test is performed in as little as 3 seconds, ideal for pediatric patients as young as 6 months of age. The use of this equipment could help reduce the use of antibiotics when they are not indicated. Visit our website here.

Requested: $6,030
Funded: $0

CHCS Birth Center – Hospital Grade Breast Pump

The Birth Center at Community HealthCare System is a recognized “High 5 for Mom and Baby” hospital meaning we promote the practice and benefits of breast feeding to our new moms. Unfortunately, there are occasions when a baby needs to be transferred to a higher level of care after delivery. The hospital grade breast pump would allow the mother to safely and efficiently express her breast milk prior to transfer and provide the baby with needed nutrients and antibodies that they can only receive from breast milk while at the receiving hospital. One of the CHCS Birth Center’s main goals is to support new mothers who are committed to breastfeeding, the breast pump will help us to support the mother to meet this goal. Visit our website here.

Requested: $2,050
Funded: $150

CHCS Onaga – AED Heart Attack Response

With heart attacks, seconds count! An AED – Automated External Defibrillator – is a lightweight, portable device that delivers an electric shock through the chest to the heart. They can be used by non-medical personal and do not require training. The shock from an AED can potentially stop an irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) and allow a normal rhythm to resume during sudden cardiac arrest.   If not treated within minutes, heart attacks can quickly lead to death.  Having an AED in public spaces, even in a hospital, helps deliver life-saving care in seconds. Visit our website here.

Requested: $2,000
Funded: $0

VScan Handheld Ultrasound

A small handheld ultrasound device allows the physician to quickly and accurately evaluate a patient for multiple conditions in an office setting. The VScan Handheld Ultrasound can be used to evaluate the patient for blood clots, gallstones, soft tissue masses, skin infections, bladder volumes and other conditions and maybe eliminating the need for a more costly ultrasound procedure in the hospital. Visit our website here.

Requested: $5,082
Funded: $0

St. Marys Senior Center – Freezer

The St. Marys Senior Center serves area seniors, community groups and charitable projects.  Our facility is used by civic, recreational, social and charitable organizations.  This freezer will enable us to provide support for organizations and groups that use the Senior Center as a meeting, activity or distribution point.  The local commodity distribution program will become more efficient. Social and charitable organizations who rely on our facility will enjoy the benefit of access to a freezer.  Families using the Senior Center for reunions and holiday gatherings will appreciate using this freezer.

Requested: $800
Funded: $550

Wellsprings (Westmoreland Community Care Home) Felicity Courtyard

Our project is to improve the courtyard we currently have between our care home and assisted living. We have many residents that use this area for relaxation along with many activities; however, we have no shade and limited seating. We would love to add a pergola (approximately 11’x25’) and oriental tree, as well as some additional seating areas and concrete to expand the walkway and seating locations.  Research has shown that being outside is good for both the body and mind.  It improves mood, lowers your blood pressure, and reduces stress.  The Journal of Aging and Health found that adults over 70 who spent time outdoors experienced fewer sleep difficulties, complained less about aches and pains, and enjoyed improved mobility and ability to perform daily activities. Being in the sun can improve your health by getting a boost of vitamin D which is essential for bone growth, regulates your immune system, and can help battle depression. Our residents enjoy being in the sun, but also need a shaded area to switch between during the hotter days to help regulate their body temperatures and increase the amount of time they can spend outdoors. Visit our website here.

Requested: $10,000
Funded: $470

Onaga Senior Center – Keeping it Cool

Due to Covid, the Onaga Senior Center has not been able to rent its space out as much as we used to, and funds are down. We are having trouble keeping our equipment going. One of the things we really need is an upright freezer, self-defrost, 19.6 cubic feet, around $1500. Another thing we need is to replace the motor in our hood system. It is going out and it will cost us $1000 to replace. We appreciate any help you can give!

Requested: $2,500
Funded: $100

Thank you for participating and adding your support to these local non-profits! Each has its own unique story and purpose. All are grateful for your donations. Come back as often as you like between November 18 and December 9 and don’t miss our Incentive Days! Tell your friends!