The Care Catalog is an online, crowdfunding campaign to support nonprofit work in and around the communities of Westmoreland, St. George, Onaga, and St. Marys during the holiday season. This annual campaign is meant to connect donors to nonprofits who are looking for end-of-year funding to reach their project or program goals in the following areas: Basic Human Needs, Community, Education, Healthcare and Senior Citizens.

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and these sponsors:

SMAC Sodality of Sacred Heart Christmas Cheer for Those in Need

The Sodality is a women’s group connected with St. Mary’s Academy & College which throughout the year works to provide for local families in need.

As the Christmas season approaches, we solicit donations specifically to provide for the needs of dozens of needy families in the community.

We deliver to each a large assortment which is primarily perishable and non-perishable food items but can, and often does, include specific non-food items that the family needs.

It is the generosity of a wide range of people in the community that makes this possible.

Requested: $10,000

Onaga USD 322 Fill the Care Closet

When you think of children living in poverty, you may think of urban areas, but the sad reality is that it is happening right here in Onaga.

There are children, in our school district, that have very little food to eat for supper, wear clothing that is too small or falling apart, and lack hygiene items because their families can’t afford them. The everyday struggles of these children are heartbreaking and called our school to do more for them; so, four years ago, the school opened the Care Closet. Its primary purpose is to facilitate the success of students by meeting their basic physical needs.

It does this by creating equal access to nutritious, health food for children facing food insecurity and by providing clothing and hygiene for students in need. This service helps to both decrease inequality and increase inclusion of students in our school by decreasing learning barriers, helping to increase academic performance, and improving interactions with peers.

Our school wants every student to become a successful, contributing adult who will someday make a difference in this world. It takes a village to raise children and we hope that you will see the value in this service we provide for our students and join us in our mission. Thank you!

Requested: $10,000

St. Marys Historical Society Museum Signs

Take a step back in time…

For those of you old enough to remember 1971, the rock group “The Five Man Electrical Band” had a classic hit called “Signs”. This hit song is all about the messages we see around us every day—from Stop signs and Yield signs, to billboard signs and signs telling us to “do this, don’t do that—can’t you read the sign?”

Yes, signs can get in the way, but signs are very important because they can tell a story….they can expose us to, and help us absorb information from the written word that sometimes escapes us orally. The large entry signs at the gates of the Pay Station Museum in St. Marys are twenty-seven years old. These signs provide a capsulized version of our history and are beneficial to our visitors, to those who just stop by on the street, and to the many who come by during the times that we are not open. It is past time for them to be replaced. They have served us well during the past 27 years.

In addition, we’d like to add three informational pillar style signs and posts to our circular viewing area that will focus on the history of the Pay Station, the Oregon Trail, and the founding of St. Marys.

All these signs are important and will help to enhance the sharing of our history to our visitors and to the passersby.

The approximate cost quote of the replacement and installation of our original signs and the design, creation, and installation of the three pedestal signs is $6745.

So…now that we have that song from 1971 stuck in your head, it is time to introduce one more little tune… Petula Clark expressed her thoughts in her 1961 hit…..its “A Sign of the Times”….. so, as your toes are tapping, and the memories of good times are flowing…now is the time to replace and add to our signs and now is the time to consider donating to the St. Marys Pay Station Museum SIGNS.

Requested: $6,745

Pottawatomie County Fair Board New Fair Building

The Pottawatomie County Fair Board is in the process of taking down three old out-of-date buildings on the western edge of the Fair grounds and replacing them with one modern multi-use building. This building will house all the small livestock at the Fair: swine, sheep, goats, rabbits and poultry.

The building will be designed to be used for events other than just at the Fair. We hope to be able to use it for other spring and fall livestock shows and sales.

It will also be available for use by other Pottawatomie County municipalities and community groups for various events.

This building will positively impact the youth of Pottawatomie County for years to come. We are funding the majority of the project through private donations. Many individuals and businesses have already stepped forward to support the project, but we still have a long way to go. We would put your donation towards lighting and electrical expenses.

Requested: $10,000

HRHS Community Center Updates

The Havensville Rural High School (HRHS) was built in 1937 and closed in 1961. Shortly after, the grade school was moved to this building and remained there until 2002. Hundreds of students have walked through the halls, and during community events, you often hear people reminiscing about what it was like to go to school there. Old trophies, team photos, and a leaderboard are still displayed for all to see.

After the grade school closed in 2002, the HRHS Association was established to provide a community center for alumni, youth, and area residents to use. To this day, the building is utilized for a Friday morning coffee group, Havensville Living History Day, Havensville Independence Day, 4-H meetings, rummage sales, holiday meals, a Veteran’s Day celebration, and many other events.

The building is nearing 90 years old and things are wearing out. This is where you come in!

Your donations will go toward refinishing the gym floor, updating the playground and ballfield, fixing windows, and updating the plumbing. $5,000 would help us tremendously!

Requested: $10,000

City of Havensville Welcome to Havensville!

Havensville, KS – Population: 119.
Havensville is one of those towns you could pass through in the blink of an eye.

If you’re not using Google Maps, you wouldn’t even know what town you are driving through because there is no signage. It would be quite unfortunate too, as you would miss out on eating the best burger around, at Charlies.

The City of Havensville is seeking funds to place a “Welcome to Havensville” stone sign on the north end of town. Just before COVID-19 reared its ugly head in the U.S., some local citizens had hosted a fundraiser for the sign. Now that life is returning to normal, they are gearing up to restart this project. 

With your added support, we can make this sign a reality.

Requested: $5,000

Onaga Community Center Kitchen Repairs

The Onaga Community Center was established in 1984 by a group of individuals who took it upon themselves to purchase and update what used to be a feed store.

Through hard work and long hours, volunteers created the Onaga Community Center and the non-profit organization it is today.

The original volunteers saw a need for a place where the community could gather for social events. Indeed, the Onaga Community Center has rented out the building for many events over the years. Many weddings, proms, funerals, Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve dances, family reunions, baby/bridal showers, church dinners and community education events have been held in our community center. Our board members have worked hard every year hosting fundraiser breakfasts and dinners. It has been a lot of fun and it’s always good to see community support and to catch up with old and new friends.

The Community Center has been maintained exclusively through donations and rent. When Covid struck there were no events held and no funds were coming in. Years of use have taken a toll. The kitchen needs updating. We would like to replace some of the cabinets, a sink and a faucet. The work will be completed by volunteers and the cost of supplies and equipment is $3,500.

We need to keep this building updated so that many others can enjoy it in the future. It exists for the COMMUNITY. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Requested: $3,500

Caring Community Foundation Community Fund

Growing & Sharing Generosity

The Caring Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity. We’re honored to work with, and for, our local communities and grateful for your trust and generosity. We’ve been doing this for over five years now, and together with our donors, have raised $1,633,000 to be used or invested for local charitable community efforts. We have 34 funds, $2 million invested, and we’re continuing to grow to meet community needs.

In 2021 we raised $140,600 for community efforts including $65,500 from fundraisers benefiting local non-profits. The CCF distributed $113,600 including $27,800 in scholarships and $85,800 in grants and more to community organizations. We are seeking to strengthen our unrestricted community fund, the core and future of the CCF, so that we can always be an available and helpful resource to our communities.

We depend upon our unrestricted community fund to cover future operations and community grants. Including pledges, we now have nearly $500,000 and we believe $1 million is needed.

We sincerely appreciate all support and will continue to earn your trust in our stewardship of community funds.

Requested: $10,000

Onaga Historical Society Equipment for Presentations

“Okay, who are we going to borrow a projector from this time? We used the church’s last time.”

“Well, what about the P.A. system for the Community Center for the Quilt Turning, who we going to borrow a sound system from? You know we used the bank’s the last time.”

Since becoming active with Humanities Kansas, the Onaga Historical Society is hosting a minimum of four of their programs each year. Typically, their programs involve a PowerPoint. In addition to these programs, the Historical Society is hosting other speakers with projection needs and/or a microphone. Ideally, each event we host would have a sound system available with a microphone. Many of the guests to our programs are a bit older with some hearing challenges. Microphones are essential for a better enjoyment of the program they are attending.

With each of these programs, we have to search for a projector and in some cases a P.A. system or at least something a microphone can plug into. Granted those loaning items to us are very gracious in sharing their equipment. However, we have the concern and liability of transporting someone else’s equipment, time spent tracking down equipment, and returning the equipment asap.

Since the Historical Society has become quite active in providing programs for the community, we feel the time has come to purchase our own equipment which would include a projector with ceiling mount feature and a speaker system with a microphone. This would save us time, liability and worry.

Research into the costs of these two items shows a wide variety in the cost. We are looking at equipment in the mid-range cost-wise and believe we need $1,800.

Requested: $1,800

Wheaton Fireworks Community Fireworks Display

The Wheaton Independence Day Celebration is an annual family-friendly event held the first Saturday after July 4. We’ve been enjoying this celebration for over 15 years, starting with a parade and potluck meal, and then fireworks at dusk.

Our celebration is completely funded by donations. Donations are used to provide the meal, purchase the fireworks, and pay for the fireworks to be lighted. Since COVID-19, donations have generally decreased, making future years less of a certainty for this small community’s celebration.

Last year’s Care Catalog request provided us with $1150, which we appreciated very much! If the Care Catalog could raise $5,000 for us this year, it would purchase our fireworks.

We thank you for your donation of whatever size, and hope to keep this small-town Independence Day Celebration alive and flourishing!

Requested: $5,000

Rock Creek Valley Historical Society Stone Church Restoration

The little stone church was the first of what is now a six-building museum complex in Westmoreland. The 136-year-old structure was built in 1887 from quarried stone by the German Evangelical Church goers who had been meeting in a home since 1871.

In 2018 it was listed on the State and National Historic Registries and fundraising has been ongoing to restore it to its original condition. The 1887 single-paned windows have been refurbished. Money from a grant is being used to repoint the masonry of the exterior structure and re-shingle the roof with insulation and guttering. Last year’s Care Catalog project brought in donations of $6170 and that helped us a lot!

We will be rewiring and adding HVAC next so at this time we need to raise $20,000 which will get us close to completion and able to use the church for exhibits! If we are fully successful with our Care Catalog request of $10,000 we will be half way there!

Thanks for considering!

Requested: $10,000

USD 321 St. Marys Grade School Playground Fence

St Marys Grade School is constantly striving to enhance the educational and emotional experiences of our students. We are grateful for every opportunity we are given to provide positive experiences for our students. For quite some time, our school has been in dire need of a fence. Due to our tight budget and our uses for available funds being directed toward other necessities our school requires, the ability for us to fund and build a fence to surround our outdoor play yard has been put to the side.

Installing a fence would not only enhance security for our students but it would also delineate a well defined and maintained space that will express to the students that the school property and the equipment within should be treated with respect. Fencing would deter those who have intentions to trespass. Furthermore, fencing would ensure not only the safety of our students but would allow those students with disabilities and considered a flight risk to have more access and freedom to move within the fences boundaries without potentially causing the child harm.

We feel that all of these reasons are important and our school would be incredibly grateful for any help that would put in motion a path to build fencing that will provide security, freedom, and a sense of respect and school pride for our beautiful campus.

Thank you for your consideration.

Requested: $8,000
Funded: $580

St. Mary’s Academy Knights of the Immaculata

The Shed is the clubhouse so to speak of our boys’ group. For years young men have met there to work, to play music, to listen to conferences and a great number of other activities, but for a number of years the floor has been rotting, slowly sinking lower and lower. Having pulled up the sagging flooring last year we discovered the problem was far worse than we expected! A good 20 foot section of the central bean is completely rotted, not to mention the other beams and flooring.

The boys themselves have been raising money by selling wood, working odd jobs around the community and selling concessions at football games to help restore our beloved shed before it falls down.

We plan to use volunteer labor and have a number of local builders willing to help with the project, but the boys under their supervision want to do the brunt of the labor which shows the pride they take in their Shed.

We need $10,000 to cover materials to replace the rotten beams, repair the corner foundation and replace some damaged rotting siding and make the Shed once again a meeting place for both work and play, music and conferences and the formation of young men into the future leaders we need them to be.

Requested: $10,000
Funded: $4,030

Rock Creek Middle School Clubs Craft Supplies and Equipment

Each year Rock Creek Middle School hosts a variety of clubs. We believe that offering students a chance to explore something that they are interested in, along with other students that have the same interest, will really enhance their school year.

Students will practice teamwork, sharing, completing a project or activities in a certain amount of time. We would really like to provide clubs with the proper equipment, tools, items and materials to make the students’ experience a more meaningful one. Each year we add new items so students can experience a variety, such as books, puzzles, board and card games. We also have consumable items that need to be replaced each year, such as craft, art, sewing, knitting and crocheting supplies.

We would use any funds donated to us to purchase all of the items needed to make clubs time the
best it can be for our students! Thank you for your consideration.

Requested: $1,000
Funded: $0

Westmoreland Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library (DPIL) is a partnership with local communities to provide free, age appropriate books to all children ages birth to five years.

Improving early childhood literacy creates opportunities for children to thrive and succeed in school and help their communities grow and prosper. The Imagination Library helps supply books to families, regardless of income and background. Westmoreland has a DPIL program, established through the Caring Community Foundation by the commitment of local donors.

The Dollywood Foundation supports the program by providing the structure and book selection, procurement and fulfillment processes. Local funders and partners cover the at-cost book and mailing expenses and local promotional costs for children registered in the coverage area (zip code 66549). We mail books to enrolled children monthly, so expenses are ongoing and donations are continually needed.

We want to build an endowed permanent fund to provide a sustainable funding model to be able to support early childhood literacy in Westmoreland, now and into the future. $7,500 will help complete the goal of establishing a $10,000 endowment!

Requested: $7,500
Funded: $6,560

Onaga USD 322 Anne Suther Outdoor Classroom

Science has been a priority for USD 322 Onaga-Wheaton-Havensville for decades under the tutelage of Junior High Science teacher, Anne Suther. Mrs. Suther retired this year, but the love of science she nurtured in her students continues to thrive. USD 322 is building an outdoor classroom in her honor. It will accommodate a wide variety of subjects and be accessible to all students. Students have already rehabilitated the nature trail, originally created by Anne Suther, and a classroom location has been determined. Science, Ag, and Technology teachers are all involved in planning as are students and local contractors. The classroom will provide Wi-Fi connectivity, live lecture, science, environmental and agricultural education, eventually adding possibilities such as gardens, bee keeping and outdoor cooking.

Resources already secured include:

  • School board approval
  • Location identified on school grounds
  • Electrical and Wi-Fi bids
  • Volunteers and equipment for dirt work
  • Ag Education students will build picnic tables,demonstration table and signageResources still needed include:

• Four 20 foot 4” x 4” treated posts $400
• Wood and supplies for four 8 foot picnic tables and a demonstration table $700
• Two 20 foot shade sails $150
• Outdoor wireless access point 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet 5 yr license $5140
• Material, labor, trenching, hook up for 100 amp electrical service for GFCI protected receptacles, switches, and lights $4900

This project is important to our school, our students and our community and we are committed to making it reality! We will be grateful for any donations that you can provide.

Requested: $10,000
Funded: $7,670

St. Marys Jr Sr High Booster Club Outdoor Classroom

Students and teachers at St. Marys High School have a dream of building and creating an outdoor classroom. Here, students will be able to connect with the natural world around them and learn from what nature has to teach them. The St. Marys High School Booster Club is assisting in this project, helping to provide the funds in order for their vision to come alive.

The Booster Club is dedicated to ensuring that the outdoor space is engaging and valuable. The goal is to build a shelter house/pergola with picnic tables and/or benches with tables.

Research proves that outdoor education can play a significant role in intellectual, behavioral, and emotional development. Studies indicate that learners who study outdoors often develop problem- solving skills and a sense of creativity, confidence, and empathy towards other individuals. Scientists have proven that outdoor education is not only fun but it also aids students in concentrating better on their studies. For instance, students would be more engaged in their studies if they were taught a subject such as Biology, outdoors. Disciplines such as literature could also be taught outdoors.

Nature brings the best out of the students. Outdoor education enhances student engagement and makes students more motivated. It’s an area that reduces stress and leads to better communication.

The St. Marys Booster Club is requesting your support in creating an outdoor classroom for the students of St. Marys High School.

Requested: $10,000
Funded: $535

Kaw Valley D.C. Travelers Washington Trip

Kaw Valley D.C. Travelers, a group of 7th through 9th grade students from St. Marys Jr. Sr. High School, is planning an educational tour of Washington D.C. Over spring break, these students, parents and chaperons will bring their history studies to life in this one-in-a-lifetime trip!

The students will be able to soak up all they have learned in history class and go beyond the books and lessons with real-life experiences. Most of our local students will never have this opportunity. The students will get acquainted with our government through first-hand experiences. They will learn about the rich legacy of our forefathers.

The students have been hard at work raising money to make this trip possible. The group is requesting monetary support in order to make this trip possible. All donations will go towards the trip’s tuition fees (Washington Workshops).

Thank you for helping make this trip possible and opening the eyes of our students, your future leaders!

Requested: $10,000
Funded: $150

St. Marys Jayhawker’s 4-H Club Curriculum Projects

In 4H, kids build life skills by learning hands-on projects in areas like science, health, agriculture and
civic engagement. 
This helps them grow in confidence, independence, resilience, and compassion. Adult mentors lead learning based on the kids/ interests. 4H’s positive youth development programs are available to children who want to
have fun, learn, and grow. Learning resources are needed for the kids and teens, to guide their learning and projects.

Research shows that kids who participate in 4H are four times more likely to give back to communities, tow times more likely to make healthier choices, and two times more likely to participate in STEM activities. 4H empowers young people to be true leaders, endure challenges, and stick with jobs until they are completed. Programs used in 4H provide guidance, tools and encouragement. The kids “take the wheel” and drive the learning that takes place. In order to provide ample learning opportunities to our youth, we are in need of curriculum and supplies.

We are asking for donations to purchase the learning modules and supplies needed to complete the experimental projects. These will range from STEM, science, leadership, civics, animals, foods, and nutrition and more. The curriculum will go into our club’s resources for our youth and adult volunteers to use. Donations will build our youth to become strong community leaders, and therefore, results will affect and impact our community for many years to come.

Requested: $500
Funded: $45

Rock Creek USD 323 CPR Training Equipment

Training school staff to respond to emergency medical situations is imperative for our rural school setting.

Pottawatomie County is a very large area, and while we have excellent EMT crews, it is not unusual for it to take 20 minutes or more for EMT crews to arrive at our school doors. That could mean 20 minutes needing to do CPR, 20 minutes watching a person struggle to breath, 20 minutes with someone having chest pains, 20 minutes watching someone die of a suspected drug overdose. TWENTY MINUTES. The American Heart Association (AHA) reports that a person in average health is only able to give quality CPR for 10 minutes at best, over-all losing the quality of CPR compressions every minute after the first two minutes of chest compressions. A team of people is needed for the best outcome.

Having as many staff persons as possible trained in CPR, AED, and basic First Aid ensures that on any given day several persons in the school setting will know how to respond to an emergency medical situation- recognizing the situation is an emergency, calling for help, and acting immediately to assist in life-saving care. These staff persons will also be able to offer assistance in the community should emergencies arise at home, at the gym, on the bus, or anywhere their daily life takes them.

Every month the school nurses of USD 323 offer an American Heart Association CPR, AED, and First Aid course free of charge to all USD 323 staff members and USD 320 Special Education Cooperative members. In the last year over thirty staff members have achieved CPR, AED, and First Aid certification, a number that hopefully grows as the program continues.

The support we need:

Set of 4 adult CPR Mankins………………………$668.00 with feedback system
Set of 4 infant CPR Manikins ……………………. $599.00 with feedback system
2 Zoll brand AED trainer units ($400 each)….. $800.00
Misc. Class supplies and AHA card fees ….. $1000.00 
TOTAL COST REQUESTED…………………… $3567.00

Requested: $3,567
Funded: $1,295

Onaga Senior Center Kitchen & Dining Updates

The Onaga Senior Center serves a large and active group of senior citizens. Many or most of the events we host serve food and so our kitchen and dining room get used a lot. Some things are wearing out and need to be replaced.

Currently we need $500 for a new kitchen exhaust fan and $1000 for ten new dining chairs with arms. We appreciate any assistance you can provide.

Requested: $1,500
Funded: $1,500

Wellsprings of Westmoreland Residents’ Patio Improvements

Wellsprings of Westmoreland (Westmoreland Community Care Home) hopes to improve the courtyard between our long-term care and assisted living areas. Our Care Catalog request last year brought us $1790 for this project and we are still committed to making this happen for our residents!

Research has shown, and we all know from personal experience, that being outside is good for both the body and mind, improving mood, lowering blood pressure, and reducing stress.

Many residents use this outside area for relaxation as well as for scheduled activities. In summer, there is limited shade for seating.

We would like to add an 11-foot-wide pergola along the full length over the patio which is about 25 feet long. The money requested would also allow us to widen and extend some of the sidewalks for easier accessibility with wheel chairs.

Our residents and staff all thank you for your donations!

Requested: $10,000
Funded: $2,125

Thank you for participating and adding your support to these local non-profits! Each has its own unique story and purpose. All are grateful for your donations.