This form is to be used for scholarships offered through the Caring Community Foundation for graduating seniors. Please refer to the list of scholarships available for your school and course of study and then mark the scholarships you are applying for. Please fill out the form as completely as possible. Applications are due by March 31, 2021.

    Blue Valley Randolph
    Jennifer K. Moore Nursing (BSN) Scholarship $500 Renewable

    Centralia and Frankfort

    CHCS Healthcare Scholarship $500
    Walter Byers Scholarship $1000

    Holton High and Jackson Heights
    CHCS Healthcare Scholarship $500
    Walter Byers Scholarship $1000

    CHCS Healthcare Scholarship $500Ron R. Lee and Richard J. Rosenfield Scholar-Athlete Scholarship $1000The CHD#1 Auxiliary Scholarship $500 RenewableBruce Wayne Stallard Scholarship $1200 RenewableJennifer K. Moore Nursing (BSN) Scholarship $500 Renewable
    Onaga Alumni Scholarship $500
    Walter Byers Scholarship $1000

    Rock Creek
    CHCS Healthcare Scholarship $500
    The CHD#1 Auxiliary Scholarship $500 Renewable
    Jennifer K. Moore Nursing (BSN) Scholarship $500 Renewable
    Walter Byers Scholarship $1000
    Westmoreland (Brill) Scholarship $500
    Krouse Family Agricultural Scholarship $500
    Wayne Dunafon Memorial Scholarship $500

    St. Marys
    St. Marys Alumni Scholarship $500
    CHCS Healthcare Scholarship $500
    Walter Byers Scholarship $1000

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    List family members, their relationship to applicant and ages of the minors. Please indicate any that are also in a post secondary program. Address financial needs.

    School Activities

    List the athletic activities, clubs and organizations you have been involved in over the past 4 years. Also note any offices held and what years. (e.g. Kays-9th, 10th, 11th, secretary in 11th).

    Special Honors/Awards

    List any awards or special recognition here (e.g. a 1 rating in band senior year.)

    Community Service

    List any service done in the local community outside of school hours. May have been in conjunction with a school organization.

    Other Interests

    List areas of special interest, hobbies or talents.

    Work Experience

    List any regular jobs and approximate time of employment. (e.g., worked 15 hours/week at Smith's Gas Station for 3 summer months of 2019). Then list general non-regular jobs and approximate length of work. (e.g. babysitting for neighbors for 2 years.)

    After Graduation Plans

    List the technical school, community college, college or university you plan to attend. List several if undecided.

    Intended area of study. List in order of current preference.


    Include two (2) letters of recommendation with this application, or deliver to your school counselor. Letters from relatives are not acceptable and not more than one letter should be from a faculty member. Please name your recommendations and their relationship to you below.


    (200-300 words) What qualities do you possess that would make you the best recipient of this scholarship? Please attach your essay below.

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